About The Egg Donor Co

We know first-hand about the challenges and heartbreak of Infertility.

However, we also know how rewarding successful assisted reproduction (such as in-vitro fertilisation) can be. We are here to assist potential egg donors and intended parents on their journey to finding out more about this process.

The Egg Donor Co is an Egg Donor Agency passionate about successfully connecting healthy women who have agreed to donate their eggs to couples who need an egg donation to conceive and become parents.

Would you like to know more about becoming an egg donor?

Our egg donors realise your dream of becoming a parent, or indeed, parents. Want to know more?

Who are we?

Our newest baby The Egg Donor Co was recently conceived through the love and support we have received from the couples and single parents of our successful new parents and our devoted expert fertility teams insurmountable demand from both Doctors and Intended parents alike for us to start an Egg Donor agency, we have finally made it happen.
Through the extensive Reproductive Network we have established through House of Fertility, The Egg Donor Co has been able to create an elite Egg Donation program in South Africa, providing the best care and support for our egg donors and our intended parents alike. 
For those who wish to become parents, but struggle with infertility due to the absence or quality of their eggs, the gift of healthy eggs may be their only option they have to conceive.
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Our future, your future.

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Basic requirements to become an egg donor


  • Female, aged 19-30
  • Healthy with a BMI of 20-28
  • Reliable
  • Not using contraceptive injections or implants
  • Not breastfeeding
  • Not a smoker
  • Don’t abuse alcohol
  • Not using any recreational drugs
  • Minimum Matric, preferably Tertiary Education.

Please note that should you declare that you are drug free for the last 3 months and then test positive on the urine test at your first appointment at the Clinic, you will be held liable for the fee of the urine test which is payable on the day.