Conceiving through egg donation and medical fertility advances have allowed couples to build families who would not be able to do so otherwise. That is why this is such a personal decision, and what is important to one person might not be that important to someone else.

There should be some baseline requirements to have in place before you are besieged with details like your egg donors eye colour and personality.  At the basic level, egg donors go through a rigorous screening process for physical and mental health, family medical history, genetics and so much more. It should go without saying that the most important quality is passing this screening process. Some criteria you might think about include:

  1. Appearance: height, hair color, eye color. Many donor egg recipients are interested in donors with similar physical features.
  2. Personal background: education, personality, career. Does a donor’s values and personality mesh with yours?
  3. Background: ethnic, religious. Again, many families look for a donor with a background that matches their own.